Rise Cross Country Summer Camp

Rising Anew!

Work hard and have fun at the Rise Cross Country Summer Camp with Coach Amber and Coach David!

Training includes:
– two hour sessions
– challenging endurance and speed workouts
– running form and mechanics
– core and strength drills
– goal-setting and visualization
– life and faith reflections
– Swag and giveaways
– Rise Runner T-Shirts
– HOKA Raffles and Wear Test

Rise Cross Country Summer Camp
July 15 – July 19th
Start Time: 8:00am – 10:00am
For: Ages 10-18, all ability levels
Location: Zilker Park By The Volleyball Courts
Price: $225 per athlete

What to Wear/Bring:  
Comfortable running clothes, running shoes, bring your own water bottle, exercise mat, and a hat/sunscreen.    

Rain Plan:

We will still run in the rain; if storming, lightning or thunder, will likely cancel.Please note that some details are subject to change if necessary.

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