Rise Cross Country Summer Camp

Rising Anew!

Work hard and have fun at the week long Youth Summer Camp at the end of June with Coach Amber and Coach David! We will have two training groups – Middle School and younger with Coach Amber: High School and advanced group with Coach David.

Training includes:
– two hour sessions
– challenging endurance and speed workouts
– running form and mechanics
– core and strength drills
– goal-setting and visualization
– life and faith reflections
– Swag and giveaways
– Rise Runner T-Shirts
– HOKA Raffles and Wear Test

Cross Country Summer Camp
Days: Monday through Thursday
Dates: June 26th – June 29th 2023
Start Time: 8:00 – 10:00am
For: Ages 10-18, all ability levels
Location: Zilker Park By The Volleyball Courts
Price: $195 per athlete

What to Wear/Bring:  
Comfortable running clothes, running shoes, bring your own water bottle, exercise mat, and a hat/sunscreen.    

Rain Plan:

We will still run in the rain; if storming, lightning or thunder, will likely cancel.Please note that some details are subject to change if necessary.

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